MS Exchange

Florian Laws florian at
Thu Sep 16 20:33:38 GMT 1999

On Thu, Sep 16, 1999 at 01:22:27AM +1000, Paul L. Lussier wrote:
> >> 	If after, then did you make sure that it only knows about the Samba 
> >> 	PDC and not the old domain controller?
> >
> >  The old domain controller was, of course, shut down during the testing (in
> >night hours, some backups failed but who cares about them :-) ).
> Right, but the Exchange server wasn't, which means it's trying to authenticate 
> against the old PDC, which has a different SID than the Samba one.

If Exchange was keeping track of the PDC's SID, that would mean that
you can't even switch from one NT PDC to another.
I can't really believe that.
(But then again, it is Microsoft... 
Has anybody got a few spare NT Servers to test? :-)



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