Security=Server vs Security=Domain

Mike Oswell oswell at
Wed Sep 15 20:28:12 GMT 1999

I am running samba v2.0.5a in a mostly Windows NT environment.  All of the
windows NT machines are part of a domain, but every now and again we need
to be able to access shares with a non-domain NT machine.  The problem is
that when I try to connect to a share from a machine that is not a member
of the domain, I get the following error (after typing in a valid username
and password)

domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user oswell in
domain SOLAR to Domain controller PDC-VAN. Error was

SOLAR is actually the name of the machine that I am connecting from, not
the actual domain name. If I switch security to be server, it works fine
and I am allowed to connect to that share.

Any idea what is missing here?  Should I not be able to connect to shares
with security=domain from a machine that is not in the domain, so long as 
I enter a valid username/password?


Michael Oswell
Xcert International Inc.

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