Samba PDC and UNIX Password sync

Michael Miller mmiller at
Wed Sep 15 17:04:21 GMT 1999


I am trying to setup a Samba PDC using Samba 2.1.0, a Sun Enterprise 250
with Solaris 2.6 and all the required patches applied.

I would like to use the same accounts that exist in our UNIX environment
on the Samba PDC.  I have used to export the accounts to
the necessary smbpasswd file.  I have then appended the machine accounts
gathered earlier to the smbpasswd file.  So am left with the need to
populate the password fields in the smbpasswd file.  Having the users do
so individually would be fine except we run into a problem of
synchronization.  Since NT allows for lousy passwords (i.e. dog), I
cannot allow users to rely on NT to change their passwords.  Since the
smbpasswd program also allows for lousy passwords, I can't use that

Has anyone used npasswd in their password chat setup?  How can I get
npasswd to communicate to an NT user to let them know their password is
lousy.  I will try to set this up soon but it's not a complete solution.

Has anyone setup a Samba PDC with a system for changing passwords on
either UNIX or NT, which allows both sides to be updated when changing a
password on either UNIX or NT?


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