synchronize passwd in LDAP ?!

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at
Wed Sep 15 20:40:50 GMT 1999

thomas springer wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm testing the LDAP functions of samba. I get the samba PDC to work and
> the user information is stored in LDAP. My users can login from an NT-WS
> and are able to change their passwords.
> In the doco there is a link to RFC2307, which I use for authenticting my
> linux users. (some of them are not local they are only in LDAP) This
> works fine.
> Now I want that samba synchronize the passwords for UNIX (saved in a
> posixAccount entry in LDAP) and samba.
> When adding a user via smbpasswd -x -a user1
> only the samba attributes are created in ldap, however the attributes
> like userpassword, homedirectory, loginshell are not migrated neither
> from /etc/passwd nor the ldap entries of the unix users.
> If the user entry already exists in LDAP then adding the user with
> smbpasswd is not possible. So the merging doesn't work automaticaly. I
> tried this by hand, but there are still no synchronized passwords.
> When I run smbpasswd as a user then it tells me:
>  Failed to open LDAP passwd file
> What does that mean ?
How did you try "by hand" ?
And which program gives you this error msg ?

> My ldap users can login in linux via pam.
> It would be great, if someone give me a hint how to synchronize
> passwords for NT and Unix with ldap and samba.
> Thanks in advance
> Thomas

greetings :)

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