Same Samba server to multiple domains

Chris Wiegand cwiegand at
Wed Sep 15 16:36:07 GMT 1999

Is this a real possibility? I would think that only the first one that 
starts would get the port bound. Or perhaps change samba so that instead of 
only authenticating against the first server that responds in password 
server = ??? it tries all of them. Then you could list the PDCs/BDCs of all 
of your domains, and it would fail only if ALL of them failed.... <shrug> 
just a though for those of us who can't use beta code in a prod. 

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   since you can't provide trusted domains, I dont see how you can
join multiple domains.  Maybe you can run multiple instances of smbd and
nmbd of the same physical server?





and run the binaries from both places?

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