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Alexandre Lecuyer Alexandre.Lecuyer at
Mon Sep 13 14:45:06 GMT 1999

> > In order to get the policies to work, the users
> > have to be listed in the group file, after the group
> > corresponding to their GID.
> Could you give explicit examples of this please, including extracts from
> named files?
> Please!

an example with the "info1" group (GID: 10000), 121 members

quere:DM/xFa67a8EAE:10001:10000: Gilles.Quere +
cattiaux:L.zvewX45Y/qE:10002:10000: Rudy.Cattiaux +

[..] + mailens +
/home/etud/%group%/%user%:10000:quere,cattiaux,<snip>(121 users)

this is what i meant by "adding the user in the group file" (which
normally isn't needed since "info1" is their primary group)

so you get:
~ 33 > id quere
uid=10001(quere) gid=10000(info1) groups=10000(info1)

This works until that particular line of the group file grows
too much, and overflows the AIX and SunOS clients...
What I will try is to split the users in different groups, but
with the same GID, and I will duplicate the policies. that way
the lines won't be too long, and they will still be able
to write in their forums directories. If anyone has a better idea
please let know.

I hope it is clearer this time.. let me know if I failed :)

Alexandre Lecuyer
CCRI IUT-IUP de Vannes

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