(forw) Member of two domains?

Christian Perrier perrier at onera.fr
Fri Sep 10 17:29:46 GMT 1999

This one did not get a lot of answers in the samba list, so I send
it also here, though it is not directly related to Domain Controller

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Subject: Member of two domains?
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Using netbios aliases and includes, is it possible to set up a samba
server to be member of two NT domains (not controller, just member).

I already have a multiple "personality" server, with one netbios
alias being in domain mode with a NT password server and another
being in user mode. 

I'm currently thinking about setting up another netbios alias and
make it member of another NT domaine with different password servers
(the controllers of this second domain).

Did some of you already succeed in doing this? 

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