Gui tools and Log Level

Cabler, Adam W adam.w.cabler at
Thu Sep 9 20:45:02 GMT 1999

Could someone please post some information on using the gui user tools such
as the user manager and policy editor?  I can't get these to work on my
samba server running IRIX 6.3 and I haven't seen any clear ideas in the
passt logs.  Also - I am still having the problem with SWAT and smb when the
log level is set >2.  When I go to the status page and try to restart smb
after increasing the log level, netscape comes back with ERROR:NO DATA ON
PAGE.  If I try to restart manually, I get an internal panic in the logs and
smb seems to operate oddly, if at all.

Adam Cabler
Computer Support
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space

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