Multi Login Into Domain

Lukasz Sznajder lobo at
Thu Sep 9 12:41:53 GMT 1999

> >                 Hello,
> > 
> >         i'm using samba-pdc-alpha and have a lot of problems with
> > multilogin into the domain. Is it possible to make it impossible?
> > 
> >                                 Łukasz Sznajder
> >                                 GGioŚ AGH Kraków
> What exactly does you mean by term: multilogin.
> Is it one user logged into more than one wks ?

	My fault. I want to avoid situations one user is logged in two
workstations in the same time. Is possible to do it with samba-prealpha?

					Łukasz Sznajder
					GGiOŚ AGH Kraków

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