acls on win-side

Thomas Heiligenmann thomas.heiligenmann at
Tue Sep 7 17:12:30 GMT 1999

> as far I know cacls does not support domain-user. maybe there is a different version of this prog in nt-workstation and nt-server. but my
> my german-workstation-cacls can show domain-user but not process any granting with it. gui-security-extension in explorer can do it, but
> I need something for scripts.

Why granting permissions on local files directly to domain users (and
admins) ? I think it's easier and keeps things clearer to add domain
users/admins to local groups and then granting permissions to this
groups, something like:

net localgroup Users "your_domain\Domain Users" /add
net localgroup Admins "your_domain\Domain Admins" /add
echo j| CACLS c:\your_path /T /C /G Users:C Admins:F
... etc. whatever you like

You can play with tools like igrant/revoke/grant on this groups too, eg.
add the lines to a script which is invoked during automatic installation
of your nt wkstn. You'll find more information at the MS website looking
for "Unattended Setup" and "Zero Administration Kit"


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