Update problems

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at aw.com.pl
Tue Sep 7 13:55:49 GMT 1999

Alexandre Lecuyer wrote:
> Hi all,
> We've been using a cvs from mid-july until now without
> problems, except sometimes when saving word documents.. I
> have read in the list archive that a cvs update would help,
> but I didn't get it to work.
> (I have been off for holidays, probably missed a few things :)
> in "log.smb" I get:
>   No DFS map, Samba is running in NON DFS mode
>  Where can I find docs about that ?

I got the same msg in log file when I'm running Samba 2.1-pre
I don't understand what does it mean, too.

> --
> Alexandre Lecuyer
> CCRI IUT-IUP de Vannes

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