user manager for domains, access permissions

Joachim Zobel nc-zobeljo at
Mon Sep 6 06:30:16 GMT 1999

At 20:57 02.09.99 +1000, you wrote:
>i run samba 2.0.4b as pdc on debian 2.1 and a win nt 4 ws.

I'vegot the same problem with 2.0.5a on SuSE 6.1 with NTSP5. It showed up
during migration to these three, before it worked.

>joining the domain ist no problem, but i'm not able to
>administer my domain with the user manager for domains
>from the samba website. i've a group of domain administrators,
>but no member of this group is able to use the program.

This is normal. The functionality is not implemented.

>my second problem is, that the access permissions for files
>are not set correctly. win nt writes [domainname]\unknown account
>instead of the [domainname]\username. also the domain administrator
>which i've added to the local administrators is in the user manager
>shown as [domainname]\unknown account.

If i add a domain user to a local group, the box with the domain users
knows the names. As soon as they are added, they are unknown. They are
still different users and can logon, but it seems their names are locally
unknown.  The nasty thing is, that the unknown users don't have the full
rights they should have. They are for example not able to change the
Desktop background, although they can read and write files in their
profiles directory.

Whats happening here? Any hints?

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