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Mon Sep 6 09:20:15 GMT 1999

samba2.05a <-> nt4/sp5

to access nt-files from sambaside with smbclient/smbmount there are two possibilities

1) files has permissions granted to a local nt-user and samba logs on to NT using this local account
2) filea has permissions granted to a domain-user and samba logs on using this domain-account.

I´ve problems to realize both options.
I cant get smbclient/smbmount to use local (non-domain) accounts when accessing NT and I cant find a commandline-tool for NT that can
handle domain-accounts: cacls (from NT) cant do it and igrant (form ntsec) should be able to do it, but I cant get it to work at all:

igrant -f domain\user:r e:\test

Granting permissions to: domain\user(user)
E:\test (no change)

1 file/directory found, 0 errors.

like the output tells no change was made. (the same when using local accounts, but then I really get OT here)

any idea ?


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