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Matt Chapman matty at
Mon Sep 6 09:27:41 GMT 1999

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 07:23:15PM +1000, peter pilsl wrote:
> I cant get smbclient/smbmount to use local (non-domain) accounts when 
> accessing NT 

You must specify the local domain with the -W option, i.e.

smbclient //SERVER/SHARE -U LocalUser -W SERVER

> and I cant find a commandline-tool for NT that can
> handle domain-accounts: cacls (from NT) cant do it and igrant (form ntsec) 
> should be able to do it, but I cant get it to work at all:

Are you sure this is an NTFS filesystem you're trying to add ACL's to? 

cacls should work just fine. Read the documentation for that or igrant 
(which I'm not familiar with) carefully, I'm sure you're doing something 

   - matty

Matthew "Austin" Chapman
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