How to access Samba servers from another workgroup?

Khurram Farhan Hassan khassan at
Mon Sep 6 06:27:08 GMT 1999


I have set up Samba servers on our Linux machines and set them up for
workgroup = wkgrp1. All our Win95/98 boxes in the same workgroup (wkgrp 1)
can access these fine.

However, we have three workgroups of Win95/98 boxes and I would like all
these other workgroups (wkgrp2 and wkgrp3) to access the Samba servers. What
would I have to do so that Win95/98 boxes from wkgrp2 and wkgrp3 workgroups
can access the Samba servers also? I dont want to change the workgroups on
the Win95/98 machines.

One more thing. Some of our users call into this LAN from home on a PPP
link. Is there any special configuration that needs to be done to handle
this case?


khassan at

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