user manager for domains, access permissions

Matthias Keller maedde at
Thu Sep 2 10:54:15 GMT 1999


i run samba 2.0.4b as pdc on debian 2.1 and a win nt 4 ws.

joining the domain ist no problem, but i'm not able to
administer my domain with the user manager for domains
from the samba website. i've a group of domain administrators,
but no member of this group is able to use the program.

my second problem is, that the access permissions for files
are not set correctly. win nt writes [domainname]\unknown account
instead of the [domainname]\username. also the domain administrator
which i've added to the local administrators is in the user manager
shown as [domainname]\unknown account.

thanks for the help

Matthias Keller <maedde at>

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