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David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Thu Sep 2 03:12:55 GMT 1999

At 12:59 PM 02/09/1999 +1000, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
>Ugh, is there any way arround that?  That would be REALLY ugly, even if we
>could script user creation.  Thanks,

Around what ? If you mean having accounts on the machine for every user who
will get his/her email from there, no, how can there be ? If I am following
this thread it was about having email users authenticated from elsewhere.
If the machine is to accept email for a user it has to believe that user
exists on the machine. 

Its fairly neat really. I have a central machine that is the PDC, scripts
run on that (under cron) that ensure that there are accounts with the same
name on the other servers. Its quite secure because the 'other servers'
don't need any password info.

>> It's called pam_smb.  It still requires that you create a 
>> linux user-account
>> on the linux box.  The passwords are checked with the PDC.
>> ADK
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