Cannot Allocate pty for password change

Hendrik den Hartog hendrik at
Wed Sep 1 21:11:35 GMT 1999

On Wed 01 Sep, Giulio Orsero wrote:

> >There is a known timing problem when using passwd sync on *some* REDHAT
> >'flavoured' Linux systems. There is a line you can add to smbpasswd.c to fix
> >this >before compiling [I'd add it here, but I'm not at work to check it, and at
> Thanks for the response.
> I made some tests.
> The problem is not a timing issue.
> The problem is ...[SNIP]

  OK, luckily I qualified my response by specifying 'some' RedHat 
  'systems':-) Actually, on reflection, your symptoms didn't quite 
  point to the timing issue. Seeing ;Redhat' and 'PW Change prob'
  in the same sentence ..made me jump to that reply too quickly. 
  Beats me as to why its only 'some'?
  For Samuel.. here are the details of the 'fix' that worked for us.
  Before compiling, make the following [tiny] adjustment to the 
 'smbpasswd.c' file in the 'source/smb/' directory.
 The very small addition listed (courtesy of Doug Rintol) is for
 the 2.0.5a version - and may well differ for any other version.
 Edit the file smbd/chgpasswd.c and add the following statement at
 line 270:


 The code should then look as follows:

    if (!ok) {
      DEBUG(3,("response %d incorrect\n",count));


    if (!next_token(&ptr,chatbuf,NULL,sizeof(chatbuf))) break;


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