UID's too large??

Matthew Keller kellermg at potsdam.edu
Wed Sep 1 20:11:13 GMT 1999

Matthew Kirkwood wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Matthew Keller wrote:
> > I'm running RH Linux 6.0 and Samba 2.0.5a - My userids were pretty
> > high (290000) and although Linux didn't mind, and Netatalk+asun didn't
> > mind, samba refused connections saying:
> Well that's a bug then.  While userspace uid_t in glibc is 32-bit (at
> least on Intel), the kernel only knows about 16-bit userids.
> That netatalk/&c don't complain is indication of them being buggy, and
> not checking return values.  You'll probably find that they're running
> as root or as (uid % 65536), neither of which is exactly a good idea.
> Advice: fix your /etc/passwd file.  There are 32-bit uid patches for the
> kernel and glibc, but I wouldn't advise using them is you can avoid it.

	No, netatalk is correctly mapping the ID's, and so is FTP (the users
don't have shell access, so I'm not sure about telnet). I haven't
extensively exhausted this yet, as the system went online Monday, and my
stop-gap method works. *shrug* I'll post additional findings here at a
later date. 


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