Cannot Allocate pty for password change: <username>

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Wed Sep 1 08:22:11 GMT 1999

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> There is a known timing problem when using passwd sync on *some* REDHAT
> 'flavoured' Linux systems. There is a line you can add to
> smbpasswd.c to fix
> this
> before compiling [I'd add it here, but I'm not at work to check it, and at
> my age I
> don't trust my memory]

PLEASE check this, and send me the code if you have it!!  I need it for
other purposes.

> else you check out an alternative utility to do the
> Password
> changing (again, my memory fails me, but check the archives).

Its chpasswd

You can do:

echo username:password | chpasswd
for plaintext and:

echo username:password | chpasswd -e
if the password is already encrypted.

But you have to be root (as you are for samba).

I need the other code to allow pop3 users without samba access to change
password, so PLEASE, hartog!


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