Cannot Allocate pty for password change: <username>

hartog hartog at
Wed Sep 1 05:27:21 GMT 1999

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From: Giulio Orsero <giulioo at>

> 2.0.5a (compiled myself) on rh60. [SNIP]

> I can change smbpasswd from Win9x if "unix password sync" is disabled.
> If password sync is enabled it doesn't work; [SNIP]

There is a known timing problem when using passwd sync on *some* REDHAT
'flavoured' Linux systems. There is a line you can add to smbpasswd.c to fix
before compiling [I'd add it here, but I'm not at work to check it, and at
my age I
don't trust my memory] else you check out an alternative utility to do the
changing (again, my memory fails me, but check the archives).


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