Strange Login Problem

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at
Thu Oct 28 17:53:13 GMT 1999

Correction to my earlier message:
I CANNOT browse directly to that resource through Network Neighborhood.
Does the domain controller prevent access to ALL resources unless they are
specifically shared? I am a newbie at this so please bear with me.  This
particular resource is simply a Win95 machine not set up to do network
logons.  We use it as a file server for our work


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>On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, James W. Beauchamp wrote:
>> In addition, whenever an NT40 user logs in to the domain successfully,
>> shortcuts no longer work.  i.e. they point to the correct executables
>> (excel, word, etc. being served peer to peer from another windoze 95 box)
>> but I get the message that '\\at2\appl\excel.exe was not found and is
>> to execute \\at2\appl\excel.exe'  Is this related to the fact that samba
>> not controlling access to this resource and somehow is preventing it?  Or
>> there something else I am missing about providing users access to
>> not on the Linux box.
>This is not a problem of Samba, it's a problem of NT4. For every link, it
>not also stores the path\filename (what you can see in File->Properties
>for the link), but also the "flat" origin of that file. This includes the
>Computer Name, the Disc Name, Share Name and so on. This is to "help"
>Windows find files moved a little bit or to find files from disks with
>just their drive letter renamed.
>When logging in from another workstation, these links are tried to be
>resolved against the _original_ computer... well, Microsoft Logic. If the
>resource is available (f.e. you are a domain admin and you can access
>\\oldcomp\c$), this drive is mapped and all links are changed
>automatically. Well done, MS guys. The mess is total now.
>Only way 'round that: There is a MS Knowledgebase article about this
>topic. Search for "LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo" to find more info on that.
>General solution: Enter the following value to all of your NT's
>registries (or by using PolEdit):
>$ cat DontFollowLinks.reg
>Note: This value can only be entered when logged on as a local
>administrator (f.e. domain admin).
>Sehr Wus,
>- Matthias
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