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Andrew.P.Boswell,itcs (IT and Computing Service) A.Boswell at
Wed Oct 27 21:53:47 GMT 1999

[automatic reply]
... Sorry, I can't reply or help you as I am currently away.
I will be back at UEA Monday November 1st.

Inside UEA, please try the following numbers/email:
	- for local technical problems, 
		ITCS Help Desk	3169
	- for School liaison issues:
		J.Colam at uea	3858
		S.Mosley at uea	2384


Dr Andrew Boswell		email : A.Boswell at	
School Liaison Consultant       phone : +44-1603-593856
IT and Computing Services 	fax   : +44-1603-593467
University of East Anglia	
Norwich, NR4 7TJ, UK

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