problems with smbpasswd (joining a SAMBA-Domain)

Matt Chapman matty at
Mon Oct 18 01:31:24 GMT 1999

On Mon, Oct 18, 1999 at 11:03:29AM +1000, Murray Gibbins wrote:
> Having "encript passwords = yes" still allows access, the password is
> always encripted into the same string each time, into so-called 'text
> equalent passwords' all a sniffer needs to is itentify the packets
> makeing up this  encripted password and send it off the the sever, which
> will validate it.

Yes and no. 

The encrypted password - as stored in smbpasswd for example - is the same 
each time, and is plaintext equivalent, i.e. as you say can be used to 
gain network access. 

What is actually sent over the wire is just a hash with a server challenge, 
from which it is not possible to recover the encrypted password.



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