problems with smbpasswd (joining a SAMBA-Domain)

Murray Gibbins wibble at
Sun Oct 17 23:33:05 GMT 1999

tschweikle at wrote:
> junglin <junglin at> schrieb:
> > On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Gerald Carter wrote:
> >>
> >> Also need 'encrypt passwords = yes'
> >
> > Is this really necessary? I've good reasons to set 'encrypt passwords = no'.
> > (i.e. the user-database is quite large (about 40.000) and not maintained by
> > me...)
> It is.
> There are no good reasons to have "encript passwords = no". Everyone will be
> possible to sniff these from your network.
> You do not have any data to be secured?
> --
Having "encript passwords = yes" still allows access, the password is
always encripted into the same string each time, into so-called 'text
equalent passwords' all a sniffer needs to is itentify the packets
makeing up this  encripted password and send it off the the sever, which
will validate it.

Thje best solution is to show people how to use 'ssh' or 'pgp', or even
better replace all win32 with Linux, then run it over a 'switch ethernet



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