[RFC] LDAP user management tools

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Oct 13 22:02:03 GMT 1999

Seth Vidal wrote:
> I think more and more users will be apt to like 
> the unix pw and smb pw on one LDAP server.

Sun's Directory Service integrates theit NIS, NIS+ 
and LDAP server somewhat.  The best idea 
for easy of transition would be PAM-ldap 
or something similar.

> I'm thinking of making these perl tools nice little 
> 3 tier apps that can be plugged, pleasantly into a web 
> framework so you can have users update their own info 
> (w/i reason of course) and have the internal configuration
> select whether it needs to reference the flat file 
> or an LDAP database.

Over a SSL of course.  Would be fairly simple i think 
(but then I haven't done it yet, so...)

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