[RFC] LDAP user management tools

Seth Vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Oct 13 21:45:49 GMT 1999

> This would be fairly easy from the client side.
> The real issue would be having the schema 
> configured on the LDAP server.
true enough.
I think more and more users will be apt to like the unix pw and smb pw on
one LDAP server.

has anyone on the list done this yet?

> > I think also that while it maybe wise to not 
> > extend smbpasswd it might also be wise to consider 
> > supporting flat file writing (not just ldap
> > databases) so this tool can be used for smbpasswd 
> > file maintenence as well.

> Support smbpasswd would not be that hard.  You 
> would loose the platform indenpendence though 
> since the tool would have to run local to the 
> smbpasswd file itself.

I'm thinking of making these perl tools nice little 3 tier apps that can
be plugged, pleasantly into a web framework so you can have users update
their own info (w/i reason of course) and have the internal configuration
select whether it needs to reference the flat file or an LDAP database.


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