SAMBA 2.0 and SP5

Norman Weathers norman at
Fri Oct 8 18:37:30 GMT 1999

Dave.Stevenson at wrote:
> Dave.Stevenson at writes:
> I dont use lmhosts files but have the PDC running as the WINS server also
> maybe I'll try running the WINS server on another machine.
> Thanks, good few ideas from a few minutes on the maillist
> > However, do you get an   inconsistant "Logon server not available" type message with SP5 wkstns
> > and NT server?
> I've seen circumstances where NT workstations, regardless of SP,
> conveniently "forgets" to read the LMHOSTS file which makes it
> complain about "Logon server not available" since my logon server
> is on a different subnet. But I can't really say for sure since
> I'm using WinDD NIS to allow login authentication using NIS instead.
> Jonas

I don't have the inconsistent "Logon Server not available".  We have
the PDC and WINS running on the same Linux server, and the workstations
tend to find the server, but profiles getting down to the systems, that
seems to be the  problem.  Sometimes, I can sit there and watch
and it will show me how people are contacting and "even downloading"
but then, when they move to another system, and with roaming active, the
profile that is pulled up is different then from the other system.

This is how wierd it is:  We have one system (NT4 SP4) that the user has
a large custom background picture that gets transfered to the server
every logoff.  The systems that we have that are NT4 SP5 can have
nice backgrounds, but when they logoff, that information is not stored
anywhere like it was with SP3 and SP4.  Icon and links are gone, and
other profile information is missing.  It is very strange.  It doesn't
me too badly because we hardly find reason to change from system to
system, but
dog-gone.  There are a couple of times when I have logged into systems
and I 
would like to have a "consistent" interface between them (or as
consistent as
M$ will allow).  It seems that a few people are facing this problem.  

Also, in my last post, I mentioned that PowerPoint was the culprit, but
it was in fact Publisher (my bad).  Anyway, I have tried many different
things to get Publisher to work, but it seems to be a "bad boy"
lately.  Anyone else have any problems with this application?


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