Samba 2.0.6 PDC - almost there, but stuck for no

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Hi all,

Seems ther'es lots of contribution to this ...

It's not confusing at all. The earliest samba that I used is 2.0.3 which
supports NT logons just fine. it currently supports WINS, NT PDC, SMB file
sharing, assignation of domain admin accounts, and other things as well.
(just take a look at at the smb.conf manual.). however NT PDC support is not
yet complete. The "stable" NT PDC code is due to appear in 2.1 well even
it's not yet official in 2.0, it does not mean it does not work. there are
some things that are incomplete (such as using the add machine account in
the network control panel applet in NT) but there are workaround for this.
You just need to create it on the server. Btw 9x domain logons is of course

2.1 's not released yet, but you can grab the cvs source. The cvs source
allows you to take advantage of using the latest developments in samba, but
they don't guarantee that it's stable and anyway, code checkins are often...

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The 2.1 series (also known as the head branch), available via cvs,
contains up-to-the-minute development code for PDC support.  Most of what
you see discussed on this list pertains to the 2.1 series.

My understanding is that the BRANCH_NTDOM cvs code is no longer
applicable, as PDC code was rolled into the main development branch.

The 2.0.x series (at least where x > 3a) DOES support LIMITED PDC
functionality, but not in an 'official' way.  This PDC functionality,
however, includes NT, 95, and 98 domain logins, roaming profiles, and
group memberships, which (for our site at least) are the main benefits of
domainhood.  Do NOT let anyone tell you that the 2.0.x series will not
support NT domain logins - it's simply not true.

The archives of samba-ntdom available on are always good
places to turn for answers to these sorts of questions.

Hope this helps and clears some things up.

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On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 Volker.Lendecke at wrote:

> > It would be very good if Samba Team could document both, stable and
> > development" versions of Samba. Documentation only about the head
> > distribuition may cause this kind of chaos.
> To be honest, I do not understand that kind of confusion. The Samba
> Team only ever announced the 2.0 versions as production
> versions. Almost all the documentation that is written applies to
> version 2.0. Version 2.1 (this is the 'head' distribution) was never
> announced as usable for any purpose. Rumor says that there is PDC
> functionality in the 2.1 version, but if you want to use that you have
> to work along the NT DOMAIN FAQ written by Gerald Carter. See links
> from to that document.
> Volker
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