vote / opinions required on rpcclient

Dave.Stevenson at Dave.Stevenson at
Mon Nov 29 10:07:47 GMT 1999

seconded,  an agreed set of subs in a perl module would be of tremendous value.

Praps 2 modules? one at low level one-to-one mapping to rpc/smb client functionality
and one at higher level ( eg Check for users logged on wkstation, start service, download
and execute... that kinda thing)

> If you're going to rewrite rpcclient, may I suggest you build a library
> instead and link the new rpcclient with it.
> This way il will be easier to build the other programs and it will be
> possible to create bindings for perl or whatever interpreted language
> you may want.
> Right now rpcclient and smbclient are very useful, but using them
> in non-interactive mode is a bit of a pain (expect is handy, but
> sometime you want greater control).
> Summary: give me a library and I'll give you the perl bindings:-)
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