Samba as PDC and NT-Server in the same (ip) broadcast domain)

Stephan Lauffer lauffer at
Fri Nov 26 14:34:26 GMT 1999


> Why don't you just add samba to the existing nt domain, as a domain
> member?

I´m not sure can do this.
Our net-infrastructur look so, that not all users of our university 
have got a NT-Account (only the personal...).
But I want to offer all our students a personal login (account) in 
our PC-Pools (all student can work there. At this moment with a standard
login for all PCs), so that they would have their www-home-path (exported
by samba) and their home-dir (samba...) automatically mounted...

It must be possible to log into the existing NT Domain and it would
be great if it´s optionally possible to log into the samba-domain.

This time, the samba server is only local master of his little workgroup
without any logon options.

I´m not sure about the problem, that i´ve to tell each NT-Works. which
Domain he´s a member... if i´m right, at this time it´s not possible
to set up a "trust" between samba and NT...

Liebe Gruesse,
Stephan Lauffer

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