Transfering profile from a domain to another

Laurent Menu at
Wed Nov 24 16:23:31 GMT 1999


As I'm testing a samba based PDC, I'd like to transfer the profile from
the previous domain (MHS, NT PDC) to the new one (AMAZONE, SAMBA PDC
2.1prealpha on hpux 10.20)

Assuming the user I want to transfer the profile is jbordier and the PC
I'm working on is PCNTCN14 (NT4 SPx), the only solution I figured out is
to :

- login in the previous domain (MHS) with user jbordier to ensure his
roaming profile is registered/saved on PCNTCN14

- logoff

- login with a local PCNTCN14 administrator account

- create a local account PCNTCN14\txfer with a roaming profile located
in C:\prof

- copy profile MHS\jbordier to c:\prof allowing access to PCNTCN14\txfer
(profile copy is available in system properties, user profile index)

[Should I here login with the PCNTCN14\txfer user to ensure the C:\prof
profile is copied in c:\winnt\profile\txfer directory ?]

- switch the pc to the new AMAZONE domain (samba)

- have coffee as the bl**dy thing is so slow to reboot ;-)

- login again with the local PCNTCN14 administrator account

- copy PCNTCN14\txfer profile to the profile server
(\\BRAZIL\profile\profile, specifying jbordier/<password> when asked for
username password)
I of course allow AMAZONE\jbordier to access the copied profile

See the smb.conf excerpt below
	>   logon path = \\brazil\profile\profile
	>    path = /home/dos/AMAZONE/profiles/%U
	>    writeable = yes
	>    valid users = %U

Has somebody found a faster procedure ?
I've found no clues in the archives.

Laurent Menu

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