Weird: "Access denied" on SaMBa server?

Peter Rudolph p.rudolph at
Wed Nov 24 07:28:56 GMT 1999


after upgrading to Samba 2.0.6 I experienced a really weird problem: users
can login as usual from any NT4SP4 workstation and access the server via
"Network Neighborhood" etc *but* if the user logs off and after that another
user logs into the server from the same workstation s/he gets an "Access
denied" error when trying to click on the server icon in the "Network
Neighborhood". But the drive mappings (NET USE...) work fine. Only the
\\server browsing via "Network Neighborhood" doesn't work. If the
workstation is rebooted everything is fine for the first user who logs in,
the second user gets the "Access denied" thing but can access all mapped

here's what I tried so far without success:

-Changing the 'guest account' in smb.conf from 'nobody' to 'ftp'
-downgrading to Samba 2.0.5a
-restarting Samba several times

Samba is running on SuSE Linux 6.1 (Kernel 2.2.5). All services (shares,
printers) and all of the PDC stuff works fine for the first user who logs in
from any w/s. No problems at all.

If somebody wants to help me (please do!!) I can send him/her my smb.conf
and/or log files. But the log files (level 3) don't show anything special.
What really gets me is that everything works so great for the first user who
logs in...

I just ordered "The Samba Book" from but if somebody could help me
*before* it arrives I will be for ever grateful.. ;-))



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