Weird: "Access denied" on SaMBa server?

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Nov 24 12:42:38 GMT 1999

Peter Rudolph wrote:
> users can login as usual from any NT4SP4 workstation and 
> access the server via "Network Neighborhood" etc *but* 
> if the user logs off and after that another user logs 
> into the server from the same workstation s/he gets 
> an "Access denied" error when trying to click on the 
> server icon in the "Network Neighborhood". But the 
> drive mappings (NET USE...) work fine. Only the
> \\server browsing via "Network Neighborhood" doesn't 
> work. If the workstation is rebooted everything is 
> fine for the first user who logs in, the second user 
> gets the "Access denied" thing but can access all mapped
> drives...


Can you get a netmon trace?  Or raw tcpdump-smb (or 
snoop) output from the session

	user1 logs on
	user1 logs off
	user2 logs on
	user2 get accesss denied message

If you use tcpdump, make sure you use a sufficient 
snap length to get the netire packet(s).

btw...are you using the HEAD branch code or the released
(2.0.x) code?  Also, please send a copy of your smb.conf
file with the packet trace.

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