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Mon Nov 22 11:03:08 GMT 1999

How about a *HUGE* thank you (hip hip hooray!) to the Samba team!  =)

Having put countless hours (days, months...) into Samba, they deserve every
bit of support we can give them.
Keep up the marvellous work, as all of us plebs certainly appreciate it.

Hurrah to Samba!

Now for something a little more serious...

Those of you who can afford it - having personal or business wealth - should
really contribute to the open source community.  When contributions made to
projects like Samba, it means developers are able to put more time into
getting your favourite product to where you want it to be.  If you only have
some of your spare time to offer, this too is invaluable.  Read on to find
out more about how YOU can contribute!

The following is a smallish section taken from the Samba web site,


If you want to contribute to the development of the software then please
join the mailing list. The Samba team accepts patches (preferably in
"diff -u" format, see docs/BUGS.txt for more details) and are always glad to
receive feedback or suggestions to the address samba-bugs at We have
recently put a new bug tracking system into place which should help the
throughput quite a lot. You can also get the Samba sourcecode straight from
the CVS tree - see

You could also send hardware/software/money/jewelry or pizza vouchers
directly to Andrew. The pizza vouchers would be especially welcome, in fact
there is a special field in the survey for people who have paid up their
pizza :-)

If you like a particular feature then look through the CVS change-log (on
the web at and see who added it, then
send them an email.

Remember that free software of this kind lives or dies by the response we
get. If noone tells us they like it then we'll probably move onto something
else. However, as you can see from the user survey quite a lot of people do
seem to like it at the moment :-)

Andrew Tridgell
Email: samba-bugs at

3 Ballow Crescent
Macgregor, A.C.T.
2615 Australia

Samba Team
Email: samba-bugs at


Tyson Clugg
(NOT a Samba team member, but certainly a big fan!)

E-mail: tyson at
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