Seth Vidal skvidal at
Mon Nov 22 14:26:47 GMT 1999

> How about a *HUGE* thank you (hip hip hooray!) to the Samba team!  =)
> Having put countless hours (days, months...) into Samba, they deserve every
> bit of support we can give them.
> Keep up the marvellous work, as all of us plebs certainly appreciate it.
> Hurrah to Samba!
its made my life A LOT easier too. (this sounds like an infomercial. :)

Don't forget, buying the new oreilly samba book and Carter's and Sharpe's
Samba book also help members of the samba team. (and it takes the load off
of this and other lists by explaining frequent problems and raising up
understanding, in general)

For those of us who like printed manuals (sorry I know I shouldn't like
dead-tree docs but I REALLY DO) I find buying up the manuals that are
written by opensource development people to be valuable and in some small
way contributing (in the monetary sense and the legitamacy sense) to the
community at large.

in fact, if someone were inclined to setup a samba magazine
(monthly/quarterly development summaries, articles about cool stuff to
make samba do, newbie setup tips, NT->samba switchovers etc etc) I would
definitely subscribe.


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