Tom Kunicki kunicki at
Thu Nov 11 17:57:15 GMT 1999


Your 'password chat' is setup with the assumption
that 'unix passowrd sync = yes'.  From the smb.conf
man page, when 'unix password sync = yes' the
password chat program is always run as root (the users
old password isn't required for a password change,
unless your using yppassword!).

So you have two choices.

1) set 'unix password sync = yes' in smb.conf

2) modify 'password chat' to

   '*current*UNIX*password:* %o\n *New*UNIX*password:* %n\n
*Retype*new*UNIX*password:* %n\n

  so that it enters the users password....  (Note that this
  will deny the root user the ability to change passwords
  from a windows machine, a bad thing?)

So another questions for the Samba gurus.  Because of
the password chat %o behaviour when 'unix password sync
= yes' (%o is always "" when 'unix password sync = yes')
I can't get samba to sync passwords with NIS since the
user's old password is always requied with yppassword
regardless of the executing UID.  Is there a way to
address this?  Will this be addressed in a future release?


Tom Kunicki
Systems Manager/Software Engineer
ADAC Laboratories.

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