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Thu Nov 11 17:02:39 GMT 1999

Hello Tom,

Yes, unix sync is set to yes (meaning it will run as root.)

Well, I'm in windows now because I'm still hacking IP masq but I'll boot to
linux to try it out.

Btw, the inability to change the root user password under windows is fine
with me. I'm not sure why I'd want to log on with the root user account
under windows anyway. ;)

Snail Talk.

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Your 'password chat' is setup with the assumption
that 'unix passowrd sync = yes'.  From the smb.conf
man page, when 'unix password sync = yes' the
password chat program is always run as root (the users
old password isn't required for a password change,
unless your using yppassword!).

So you have two choices.

1) set 'unix password sync = yes' in smb.conf

2) modify 'password chat' to

   '*current*UNIX*password:* %o\n *New*UNIX*password:* %n\n
*Retype*new*UNIX*password:* %n\n

  so that it enters the users password....  (Note that this
  will deny the root user the ability to change passwords
  from a windows machine, a bad thing?)

So another questions for the Samba gurus.  Because of
the password chat %o behaviour when 'unix password sync
= yes' (%o is always "" when 'unix password sync = yes')
I can't get samba to sync passwords with NIS since the
user's old password is always requied with yppassword
regardless of the executing UID.  Is there a way to
address this?  Will this be addressed in a future release?


Tom Kunicki
Systems Manager/Software Engineer
ADAC Laboratories.

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