NT PDC & Samba

Peter Köhler koehler at idas.de
Mon Nov 8 08:09:20 GMT 1999


an extract of your smb.conf would have been helpful.
I assume you have set

security = domain
password server = <your domain controller>
encrypt passwords = yes

and followed the procedure to make the Linux box a
member ot the domain.

This will allow users to connect to the Linux Samba server
with their NT Domain userid-password combination.
To gain proper access to the shares, however, you must
either have matching user accounts on the Linux Box
(could be a different or illegible password) or you must

force user = <linuxuser>

for your share to map the - authenticated - user to an
existing Linux user name.

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From: Mike Westkamper <mjwestkamper at weiinc.com>
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Subject: NT PDC & Samba

> I have set up a Linux box with RH 6.0 & the latest "stable" Samba. It
> went together fairly well
> and I left with a couple of problems...
> I have read the docs and followed the info on Setting Samba up in an NT
> domain. My two remaining problems are:
> 1.    I cannot seem to gain write access to an arbitrary share.
> 2.    I can access the file server from a workstation on the same
> domain, however only by using my Linux userid & Password.The NT box sees
> and has identified the Linux box as a server.
> If I understand the issue, although this Linux box is a member of a
> domain, the userid/password must exist on the Linux system as well as
> the PDC to allow Domain logons to the Linux box. If this is correct is
> there an automated means to cause the Linux box to use the PDC
> userid/passwords or to synchronize
> the two?
> Any help will be appreciated..
> Mike

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