NT PDC & Samba

Mike Westkamper mjwestkamper at weiinc.com
Fri Nov 5 18:23:12 GMT 1999

I have set up a Linux box with RH 6.0 & the latest "stable" Samba. It
went together fairly well
and I left with a couple of problems...

I have read the docs and followed the info on Setting Samba up in an NT
domain. My two remaining problems are:

1.    I cannot seem to gain write access to an arbitrary share.
2.    I can access the file server from a workstation on the same
domain, however only by using my Linux userid & Password.The NT box sees
and has identified the Linux box as a server.

If I understand the issue, although this Linux box is a member of a
domain, the userid/password must exist on the Linux system as well as
the PDC to allow Domain logons to the Linux box. If this is correct is
there an automated means to cause the Linux box to use the PDC
userid/passwords or to synchronize
the two?

Any help will be appreciated..


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