logon servers with both NT and Samba

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Mon Nov 1 20:17:59 GMT 1999

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> Hi Greg,
> Nt is the pdc, and I have domain logons = Yes Since NT is the 
> PDC in the user

Why is the Samba server doing domain logons if NT is your PDC?  My
understanding was that not even the head code had proper support for an NT
PDC and Samba BDC.

> manager for domains, I have it set for profile = 
> ntbox\netlogon\Config.pol and

I'm assuming that you're talking about the "User Profile Path" from the User
Manager for Domains?

> the logon to z:\\freedom\%UserName%  figuring that the user 
> gets authenticated

And this one is in the Home directory, under connect to?

> by NT, but in his/her windows explorer, the user would have a 
> z:\ which would
> actually map \\freedom\%UserName%  but it does not do it. I 
> have a [homes]
> section but no [profile] section. By reading the help on user 
> manager for
> domains, I get the idea that the connect to, is to do exactly 
> as I wanted.

I DON'T use the profile stuff that NT provides, it's never worked well for
me.  I have a logon script on our DC computers that uses Kikstart to map
drives.  This is why I have to create shares manually on my NT servers,
because NT isn't smart enough to have "dynamic" shares.  

> Instead, it puts all the ms crap like Cookies, History...yada yada in
> \\freedom\username. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Yeah, that's roving profiles stuff, so that you can log in on other machines
and have all of your settings.  I still consider roving profiles "beta" as
of NT 4, perhaps they'll fix it 2K.  (I've heard good rumors...)

> Thanks for replying and by all means send me your scripts. 
> The joke of this is
> I was able to setup apache well enough that the box that I 
> mentioned above, is
> the official mirror for Samba for Canada.

I've attached the scripts and tools that I use to this message as a .zip
file.  They'll Windows NT .cmd files, and require that the tools are in a
directory in your path.  Let me know if anything is not clear on what these
do, or anything else that I've misspoken about in the past couple of posts.

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