help with Start Menu/Desktop Samba 2.0.5a Roaming Profiles

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Mon Nov 1 21:17:19 GMT 1999

> I have set DeleteRoamingCache = 1
> as was mentioned in the archives.
> Any ideas?
> Also, under Start Menu I see two sets of Programs.   One is from
> c:/winnt/Start Menu/Programs and the other is from my roaming
> profile.  Since I can't delete  c:/winnt/Start Menu/Programs is there
> another way to make only the roaming profile Programs appear?

look %systemroot%\profiles and look for default user and ALL users.

that is where it is loading those different icons from.

additionally you'll need to redefine the icon path in the HKCU.

check out tweakui from the powertoys to set these in the registry.

best bet is to set them at each login to your profile location.

I typically set the desktop to the users home dir b/c some users like to
store HUGE files on the desktop which ends up filling up my profile share


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