a night of terror (better now!)

Adrian Goins monachus at dimensional.com
Thu May 27 14:58:34 GMT 1999

i migrated my home network to a subnet instead of a bridge group last
night, forcing me to renumber the IP addy of my samba server (a sparc5).
this caused several hours of panic as my Win98 machines could no longer
see the server reliably, nor could they log in when they did see it.  this
prevented me from logging in _at_all_, forcing me to jury rig a connection
to the network in order to access the PDC and debug what was going on.

in doing so, i discovered some interesting things which have led me to
feel the need to apologize for recent questions to this list...

in updating the cvs code for my source distribution, i had assumed that i
was getting the most recent branch...wrong.  i've been hacking at a
semi-functional version of 2.0.3 and am surprised it worked at all.  this
explains the wins problems, as well as some of the random problems with my
machines not delivering their NetBIOS names correctly, et cetera.

i did discover, however, that it is necessary to whack the DOMAIN.SID file
if going from 2.0.x to 2.1.0.  for some reason the presence of a 2.0 SID
file kept all of my windoze boxes from correctly logging in or registering
themselves on the network.  i would have been much happier figuring this
out in less than 5 hours, though!

the bottom line is that i'm almost all the way recovered from what was
supposed to be a 'simple renumbering' (famous last words?).  my NT
Workstation is quite happy, and one of my Win98 machines happily logs in
and retrieves the roaming profile.  my other one, however, does not.  the
only difference between the two that i can identify is that one was
installed with Win98's full version and the other was installed with the
Win98 upgrade.

is there any flag or registry setting i should look at to make my naughty
Win98 machine retrieve its profile as well?

also, if i deployed a samba PDC at my office (i run an ISP and want the
Sparc sitting on the 100Mbit ethernet link) and another at my house, with
the one at the house in security=domain mode for password validation, can
i set the home one up to use roaming profiles but have the one at work
_not_ implement them, thereby keeping my customers from having to download
their profiles but still leaving my house able to do so?  (how's that for
a run-on sentence?!)

thanks for all of your help debugging what turned out to be non-critical
problems.  any comments on the questions above would be most appreciated.

Adrian Goins
NetOps Director

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