Still can't turn off roaming profiles

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Regarding IE. I did find several IE related .ADM templates for POLEDIT.
(Sadly, it took some searching and I don't remember where I found it, I
think I looked for MS Office ADM templates)

(Is this message in plain text? My mail client seems to think so but I still
get flamed for MIME)

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In NT Policy Editor there's a delete cached profiles when a user logs
So NT Most definitely CAN do this and handle this.

Once you find out what registry keys this tweaks you should be able to do 
this without the policy editor. 

BTW: How do I make the system NOT store the IE Cache files in the profile?
(On a domain basis or machine basis, I know how to do it per user.)


PS: If you wish help finding out what key this (If it's not the one below)
Let me know and I'll see what I can do.

> At 07:39 PM 25/05/1999 +1000, Pavel Milev wrote:
> >  I've read some previous messages,but I stil can't turn off roaming
> >  profiles.
> >
> >  Is
> >
> "DeleteRoamingCache"=dword:00000000
> >  the only thing that have to be done ?
> >
> NT itself cannot cope with NOT doing roaming profiles. All you can do is
> let it, and clean up later. Gerald Carter suggested storing them back on
> local machine, if that does not suit, try my way. 
> Shortly after a user logs off (and their profile is copied to the server),
> it is deleted. This is the only way to work in a lab situation where there
> is something like 300 users picking a machine at random. This way a user
> always gets a new profile (be nice and kill the welcome screens with a
> policy) and the profiles don't grow so big that logging off is a problem.
> Remember to tell the system not to store the IE cache files in the profile
> too.
> I delete the users with a script that decides who they are and will either
> make it a mandatory profile or delete it. Been in use since the start of
> this year ....
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