PDC and Win95 clients

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at www.buffalostate.edu
Wed May 26 18:32:51 GMT 1999

> see what I mean.  Supposedly, if I was reading the Micro$oft jibberish
> right, there is a way in the policy to override the defaults that you set
> for certain individuals.  We have tried this, but we are still not getting
> the overrides that we want (ie, another technology coordinator and myself
> would like to setup the policy that if we log in, we have full control of
> the Control Panel and Start/Run menu's).  Anyone ever faced this one
> before?

Yep I have got that working.  We have serveral labs here on our campus
managed by samba domains ( mainly W95 workstations in the labs). To make
it work, for us, in the policy file (config.pol on the netlogon share) you
add the users who have "detailed" policies to that file ( using poledit)
and adjust their settings to suit.   I also (using poledit) set the paths
for the start menu, programs folder, nethood folder ,and startup folder to
point to the "Y:\path" .  The "y drive" is a mount to the users profiles
share that is taken care of by their logon batch file. Make sure you use
the proper paths in the policy file. i.e. for the start menu the path I
use is "y:\Start Menu", whereas the Desktop path is "y:\Desktop" and so
on.  Make sure the users have write access to the profile path to
INITIALLY SETUP the profile. After you get the profile the way you want it
you can then change the permissions to read only, and rename the
"user.dat" file to "user.man".  The "user.dat/man" file is the users'
segment of the registry. (HKEY_CURRENT_USER I think), and the ".man" makes
it a MANDATORY profile which will ALWAYS (at least supposed to) override
the local profile, if it happens to exist on the local drive.

If you need more tips/info feel free to contact me directly.  NOTE: I have
tested this fairly well with Win95, but NOT with WinNT, which is an
entirely more difficult monster...

Dave J. Andruczyk
Instructional Support Associate
Department of Technology     
Buffalo State College

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