PDC and Win95 clients

Norman R. Weathers norman at lithe.uark.edu
Wed May 26 14:37:17 GMT 1999

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Samuel J Liddicott wrote:

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> > We have been using the 2.0 release of Samba since it came 
> > out, and we use
> > Win95 clients in our lab, but we don't have them listed in 
> > the smbpasswd
> > database.  We are running domain logons and we have never had 
> > a problem.
> Wow.  No failed authentification errors then?
> Sam
None that I know of.  Seems like everything is running pretty smooth.  Our
biggest problem that we have is that since this is a teaching lab, we have
a policy that is pretty restrictive that gets downloaded from the Samba
server.  Of course, when something goes wrong on the computer.... Well,
see what I mean.  Supposedly, if I was reading the Micro$oft jibberish
right, there is a way in the policy to override the defaults that you set
for certain individuals.  We have tried this, but we are still not getting
the overrides that we want (ie, another technology coordinator and myself
would like to setup the policy that if we log in, we have full control of
the Control Panel and Start/Run menu's).  Anyone ever faced this one

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