Using Server and User Managers ...

Kenneth Mitchell kmitchel at
Wed May 12 14:55:08 GMT 1999

I have a stock Samba 2.0.3 setup with RedHat 6.0 as a PDC.  I read in a FAQ 
about the Server and User Managers for NT.  I downloaded and installed 
them, but they will not let me administer my Samba server.  User manager 
keeps reporting "The remote procedure call failed."  The Server Manager 
will bring up the properties for the server, but displays no data in the 
User Sessions and Open Resources dialog.  The Shares dialog returns the 
familiar RPC error.  It was my hope that these tools could function 
properly with Samba.  I've found no other useful information about theses 
RPC errors.  Any help anybody?

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