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Frederic Lejal fl at
Wed May 12 15:03:33 GMT 1999

Gerald Carter  ( Wed, 12 May 1999 ) : 
> > "No domain server was available to validate your password..."
> The is caused by the client not being able to resolve 
> the DOMAIN<1b> netbios name.  If the server and client are 
> on the same subnet, you should not get this error message
> (although I can think of circumstances where you would).
> If the two are on different subnets, then you will need 
> to use either a WINS server or local LMHOSTS files to 
> help the client resolve the name.

> Have you read the NT Domain FAQ?  It's linked off any of 
> the Samba mirrors under the documentation page.  That should 
> help.

Yes I did. I have just switched to encrypted passwords, and started
some tests with NT workstation. And guess what ? The problem is the
same as with Windows 95 :  I have the "Domain controller for this domain 
not found" message when I modify NT's network options to include the 
workstation into INFODESIGN's domain (instead of reading the expected 
"Welcome to the INFODESIGN domain").

I have defined a LMHOSTS file (both on W95 and NT boxes), but the 
problem is still here. Here is its contents :

X.Y.Z.135    prospero    #PRE   #DOM:INFODESIGN

(prospero is the linux box running samba configured for INFODESIGN's 

In the FAQ for "NT Workstation to login to the Samba controlled domain", 
I saw this point :

"Starting smbd will create a file name private/SAMBA.SID..." (in my case, 
it should be INFODESIGN.SID). This file is not created when I SIGHUP 
smbd. Is it normal ?

Another point :

[fl at prospero samba]# nmblookup INFODESIGN
Sending queries to X.Y.Z.255
X.Y.Z.135 INFODESIGN<00>		; samba server (RedHat Linux)
X.Y.Z.133 INFODESIGN<00> 		; windows NT worstation 4.0
X.Y.Z.130 INFODESIGN<00>		; windows 95
[fl at prospero samba]# nmblookup INFODESIGN#1D
Sending queries to X.Y.Z.255
X.Y.Z.135 INFODESIGN<1d>		; domain master browser
[fl at prospero samba]# nmblookup INFODESIGN#1B
Sending queries to X.Y.Z.255
name_query failed to find name INFODESIGN

Maybe the last one may explain my problem with finding the domain
master ?  What is the possible explanation ?

Is there a command to have the same test done on the Windows 
boxes ?

Thanks for any help,
best regards,
Frédéric LEJAL <frederic.lejal at>
InfoDesign Communications S.A.				T: +41-22-771.0440
1 chemin Plein-Vent, CH-1228 Arare-Genève	F: +41-22-771.0441
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