USRMGR and POLEDIT for Samba

Dr. Dieter Becker db at
Fri May 7 09:02:26 GMT 1999

Sorry for my question - I hope it's not a FAQ.

Using samba (Solaris 2.6) as PDC, I want to use the user manager (USRMGR.EXE)
and the policy editor (POLEDIT.EXE) for setting some default values.
Unfortunately samba 2.0.3 does not respond to both programs. What to do to
allow or to deny some functions for the users?

Or must I wait for 2.1.0 (prealpha in the cvs-tree)?

Second stupid question: I want to avoid copies of the profiles for the
domain-users on the local machines. Profiles should only be helt on the 
samba-server. What to do?

Thank you


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