USRMGR and POLEDIT for Samba

Mick Haigh mhaigh at
Fri May 7 11:32:44 GMT 1999

"Dr. Dieter Becker" wrote:

> Sorry for my question - I hope it's not a FAQ.
> Using samba (Solaris 2.6) as PDC, I want to use the user manager (USRMGR.EXE)
> and the policy editor (POLEDIT.EXE) for setting some default values.
> Unfortunately samba 2.0.3 does not respond to both programs. What to do to
> allow or to deny some functions for the users?

At least in the case of poledit you shouldn't need to attach to Samba in any way
except to attach to the NETLOGON share, where you NTconfig.POL file is kept.  You

really shouldn't be using 2.0.x as a PDC anyway, since a lot of the good PDC
stuff isn't in it AFAIK.

> Or must I wait for 2.1.0 (prealpha in the cvs-tree)?

Use this anyway if you want good PDC support.

> Second stupid question: I want to avoid copies of the profiles for the
> domain-users on the local machines. Profiles should only be helt on the
> samba-server. What to do?

There is an option in the policy file which will let you tell NT not to cache
user profiles (effectively deletes them out of \WINNT\Profiles).  I think you
just have to use the standard WinNT template to get that option.  I have had some

problems in the past with this, but it is entirely the fault of NT (as far as I
can tell).  When a user logs off, the NT workstation doesn't always unload the
hive (NTuser.DAT) immediately.  This means that when it tries to delete the
profile, it gets a sharing violation and then leaves the profile there.

Hope this helps.

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